Voter Fraud & The Relative Truth


This is not a sensational piece. All of the information contained here is found at credible places. Another writer will come along and build upon this information, or tear it down. Heretics will always have their say. Regardless, it’s here. Really, a simple read.

I’m not going to argue against updating the voting system; however, an update is different than fraud. Democracy, voting, fair elections, and equal rights are among those ideologies that humans must constantly work to preserve, update, and protect.

 (Or, to you. Gentle Reader)

In this country, those ideologies are still quite new and tend to hold a grip on less than advantageous past experiences that make up the history of this country. As you know, it hasn’t been 100 years since women have been allowed to vote; and even less time for the Equal Rights Amendment to congeal to our society. When consideration is given to the reality that some Southerners still refer to folks across the Mason-Dixon Line as “Yankees,” well, it is apparent social change doesn’t occur overnight.

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Changing a belief system is often harder than changing an idea, and many systems of belief are rooted in the American soil. So, we must continue to toil (pardon my analogy). With all that said, things like fair elections are rooted and grown off the backs of those people who have fought and died for such causes, and these new systems of belief and ideologies that contribute to the positive advancement of a productive society must constantly get nourished, or they die.

 Did you know voter-roll housekeeping is perfectly legal? Voter roll, purging inactive voters, was used in Florida and Ohio, both before and after the 2000 U.S. Presidential election; however, the 2000 election brought new attention to the practice. This gave rise to a wave of efforts, mainly carried out by Republicans during the elections from 2000-2012, to suppress a Democratic vote by trying to pass Voter ID laws, restricting voting hours, and limiting polling places; disenfranchise the vote. This is not fraud, but it is using the system as a tool to suppress a portion of society.

(Say What, Now?)

 American elections are not universally consistent because of the way the voting system has historically evolved in this country. New York’s poor election administration can date back to the 1980’s, or even to earlier years. Consider the history of New York State, look at FDR and Tammany Hall, it’s easier to understand the state’s evolution and the reasons the state has issues with voting. Look at the history of each state and how it approaches voting, and it’s not hard to see the tapestry of inconsistencies working underneath the Federal government’s watch to ensure that Americans have a right to vote.

However, this is not fraud by Hillary. This also doesn’t mean the United States can’t and doesn’t hold fair elections. Also, this is not to say that what happened in 1980, 2000, 2004, 2012 (etc.), will always happen. It is to say, a healthy society is a work in progress and we all have a part. It’s easy for me to understand why the Democratic Party largely supports Hillary; she’s been a Democrat for decades and not just for a year. I mean, politics is a science. It’s the mode in which this country and many parts of the world carry out the daily affairs of running a country and interacting with the world.

 This is a voting system that needs updated, streamlined, purged of inconsistencies and, many argue, restructured for a popular vote. However, it’s not that easy and involves a re-education of society; but, society has been re-educated many times before and will continue to educate itself. As long as we unite and discuss ideas for the forward advancement of society, and not divide, surely we will continue progressively toward the future.

As always, keep your eyes on the prize, humanity. The path is winding and full of pot holes. Watch where you step and watch what you read. Verify everything, multiple times from multiple sources.

Remember: Separate primary sources from secondary sources, and then separate those sources from propaganda, to help bring us closer to the truth. Keep at it, humanity. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open.

 We must learn, so one day our democracy and our world can reach egalitarianism.

 It’s the only way for the planet.



Your Democracy, The United States of America, and YoU

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