I Know-Nothing, Mane

All My Friends Are Heathens, Take it Slow…….


This is not a sensational piece. All of the information contained here is found at credible places. Another writer will come along and build upon this information, or tear it down. Heretics will always have their say. Regardless, it’s here. Really, a simple read.

Voters championed Trump like the nativist championed the Know-Nothing party during the earlier part of the 20th century.

Some of us know the playbook, some of us are familiar, but most of us are clueless.

A quick recap:

The journey of the American Alt Right  (Far Right) from its original nativist roots to the current homophobic, racist, misogynist, and otherwise nightmarish mutant militia takeover of the underworld that is going to be the Trump Administration, had, among other things, tools to champion elitism, division, hate, and skepticism of the fellowman outlined in history. They use what has worked in the past.

The group knows the play book.

Like the Devil going to Georgia looking for a soul to steal. (Wait, what?)

No, Seriously. Stop it.

We are instructed to give the Apprentice a chance.

Back to the play book….The Alt Right (Far Right) likes to keep everyone separate, especially the heathens. The Alt Right (That’s a new name, too. Re-brand much?) just took a page from American history 1907-1917, the Know-Nothing party, but they gave it a shiny new meme and Breitbart News distribution.

The Know-Nothing political party started in the North, but eventually made its way to the South. The political group hated Catholics; and during election years the group distributed millions of newspapers that fantasized about the pretend evil and secret societies of the Catholic church, and the crazy and make-believe sex scandals that happened inside convents. The group vilified Catholics, and repetitively equated the religious group to sexual deviants that danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. Or, something like that. 

Back then, the Alt Right (Far Right) had the same tools they use today. Tools similar to Breitbart News and the cottage industry of fake media mills that churn daily bogus news to people who are too busy,  too apathetic, too hateful, or too unaware to check facts. Back then, the propaganda campaign initiated by a disillusioned populist politician, Tom Watson, corrupted rural areas in Florida with anti-Catholic propaganda.

Between the years of 1910-1917, the misinformation initiated by Watson helped rupture Florida’s church-state relationship with Catholics. Watson only wanted to ensure the people in Florida were safe, right?

By using fear?

On a side note: during 1855, residents of Florida, notably the political participants in the American Party that represented Leon County, expressed resentment towards the arrival of new Catholic immigrants to the state; however, the majority of Florida did not hold any strong animus towards Catholic immigration; but, by 1917 the state held a strong dislike towards Catholics and purported this hate towards politicians during election time, and at regular people all the time.[1].

Propaganda is a tool, use it wisely.

Remember when fake news circulated the Pope endorsement for Trump during his presidential campaign? All lies. Wicked irony considering republican Tom Watson’s early 20th century anti-Catholic campaign, right?

Populism can take various forms of anti-establishment.

For the record: Populism is working-class activism. It comes in many forms and dances with many sides. It’s really egalitarianism. Equality for all. Policies that benefit the working class, children, the elderly, the poor, and those without a voice to help themselves. The People’s Party.

The Trump campaign, as well as with Tom Watson’s campaign, chose NOT to use populism to champion egalitarian legislation for all, but instead used propaganda and a distorted sense of populism to masquerade nativism and xenophobia.

Until we all know the plays, the Haves will continually take the ball away from the Have-Nots. Democracy has tools for us. The people know a totalitarian system doesn’t work. Our democracy is a work in progress. We’re always looking for new ways to sharpen our tools, so our system can continue to breathe, thrive, and live.

Dissent develops democracy. Politics over terror.

“Industrialization arrived so peacefully not because all Americans secretly shared the same values or implicitly willed its success but because its millions of bitter enemies lacked the mentality and the means to organize an effective counterattack.”

When I consider 60 million people in America voted for a racist, misogynist, homophobic, elitist, and nativist platform that propelled a demigod with nefarious talking points to the presidency, well, it really makes a person wonder about the future. Who’s prepared for an effective counterattack?

Fire on the mountain. Run, boys, run. It’s a Trumpazo.

As always, keep your eyes on the prize, humanity. The path is winding and full of pot holes. Watch where you step and watch what you read. Verify everything, multiple times from multiple sources.

Remember: Separate primary sources from secondary sources, and then separate those sources from propaganda, to help bring us closer to the truth. Keep at it, humanity. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open.

We must learn, so one day our democracy and our world can reach egalitarianism.

It’s the only way for the planet.

[1] Thompson, Arthur W., “Political Nativism in Florida, 1848-1860: A Phase of Anti-Secessionism.” The Journal of Southern History 15, no. 1 (1949) pgs. 43, 49, 50, 53.(accessed November 3, 2016)