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No Room in Space for the Black or Poor-Unless Zuckerberg, Gates, and Solar Planes Help


This is not a sensational piece. All of the information contained here is found at credible places. Another writer will come along and build upon this information, or tear it down. Heretics will always have their say. Regardless, it’s here. Really, a simple read.

I have no idea what happened. It’s surreal, to say the least.

During January 2016, I worked at a magazine called STEAM, which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. It sounds great, but it’s mainly a fluff publication that doesn’t cover heavy stories and typically uses boilerplate journalism; however, the magazine is rich with marketing and employment advertisements for those who appreciate eye candy and business leads. At the time, I didn’t care that it was fluff because it’s a national print and digital magazine; and I figured I could use the publication’s platform to champion ideas for change. I quickly learned  that my idea of change was not what the magazine wanted. I learned more as 2016 continued.

STEAM publishes twice a year, one magazine in June and the other magazine in December. When I was hired, the publication was underway to meet the June 2016 deadline. The magazine needed a cover story. The publication had their fingers crossed for Mark Zuckerberg. I was over the moon with the prospect (no pun intended, continue reading). I did think, woo-hooo! Awesome! Zuckerberg wants to pioneer satellites to Sub-Saharan Africa [i], as well as to other remote areas of the world. He wants to make Wi-Fi access easier and free for people who have a difficult time getting to stable infrastructure to use the internet. That’s good, right?

Sure. Whatever. But, Maybe?

Anyways, it’s no secret (or maybe it is) that NASA[ii] was created in 1958[iii] to oversee all non-military aerospace programs. The NASA program was very diverse[iv] and is responsible for magnificent developments in science and space exploration. During its operating years, NASA sent different[v] groups of astronauts on a plethora of space journeys. However, the culmination of events that led up to the 2008 global economic collapse sent America into budget mode, mainly to refocus on the country and its people, jobs, and economic stability; instead of spending millions of dollars on space journeys.

You see, some people prescribe to the belief that until America, let alone the world, has achieved complete economic equality and nature has reached complete sustainability, well, humans should ensure one planet is properly aligned before moving on to inhabit another planet. A way to do this is by ensuring each group achieves the justices they deserve. To do this, money is constantly needed to make this planet better by continuing on with the equal progression of society by bringing up all our neighborhoods and communities to make Earth better before colonizing another planet.

However, there are other less egalitarian perspectives[vi] held by other thinkers. Sadly, due to a lack of resources and money spent on social programs to maintain a viable country, NASA shutdown during September 2015[vii]; but, not without doing amazing work, and not without safeguarding that information from private companies. Thank You, NASA! However, we are very aware former government employees turn to the private industry.

Enter SpaceX[viii]

A private[ix] company that launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of the company, charges $62 million for each rocket launch[x]. Rockets can carry all types of things, like satellites, resources, and supplies. I am unaware of anyone or any business that SpaceX won’t provide services to, because I am unaware of any guidelines held by SpaceX on whether the company turns down money from wealthy nefarious inquiries, or if the company will launch rockets and spaceships regardless of the money trail?

The company has recently acquired a Pentagon contract. We should know the affairs of a company that use the tools to manipulate our world, wouldn’t you agree? We all must safeguard the world. It’s a little daunting SpaceX does not have a more diverse company photograph, though. I wonder why? Don’t jump to any conclusions, the company just appears less diverse than NASA; but, then again, NASA has way more history in space than Mr. Musk. I’m sure the rocket scientists at SpaceX are working hard to ensure they don’t blow up any more rockets.

Rockets[xi] just aren’t that consistent, you know? Space Games.

During 2015[xii], SpaceX received permission from The United States Air Force to compete for Pentagon contracts.  During spring 2016, SpaceX received an $85 million dollar United States Pentagon contract to launch satellites during 2018. The company could receive additional Pentagon contracts in the future. SpaceX aligns nicely with the future Pentagon government.

Ironically, during spring 2016, Musk’s other company, Tesla, was under investigation. Federal regulators were investigating the autopilot feature of the Tesla Model S electric car after a fatal crash. Around this same time in spring 2016, Mark Zuckerberg partnered with Elon Musk to launch a satellite for Zuckerberg’s Wi-Fi project to bring communication to remote parts of Africa and to other remote areas of the world. The Amos-6 satellite was the product, and the Falcon 9 rocket was going to deliver the goods. The launch date was charted for September 1, 2016.

The arbitrarily reliable Falcon 9 rocket that carried the Amos-6 satellite was designed to beam high-speed internet and other digital services to Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of Europe. Once the satellite was properly positioned, a Tel Aviv company known as Space Communications, or SpaceCom, was going to maintain the satellite. SpaceCom had several government contracts aligned with Israel to use the satellite.

Musk and his team prepared the Falcon 9 for its September 2016 launch.  With Zuckerberg’s $62 million in hand for the launch and the Pentagon’s $85 million for satellite contracts in the bank, the private company geared up to launch Zuckerberg’s satellite, but, well, you know rockets.

They blow up[xiii].

It seems odd since the Falcon 9 has such a reliable history, albeit, arbitrary.

Black Lives Matter sympathizer, Zuckerberg[xiv], was distraught. However, he has plans to continue with his efforts to deliver satellites and Wi-Fi to Africa and other remote areas, but he is going to use solar-powered planes. The planes are better for the environment and cheaper than rockets.

In the meantime, Elon Musk is now scheduled to launch his own satellites to wrap the entire world with the internet[xv].

Musk has the power of the Pentagon and the ability to procure more contracts in the future. Also, Google has donated 1 billion to Musk. Look for more SpaceX satellites in 2018.

If White-Supremacist backed Breitbart[xvi] News champions Mr. Musk, well, how bad can the SpaceX adventures really be for the world (sarcasm)? According to a Breitbart[xvii] article, “Elon Musk Plans to make humans a multi-planetary species.” We all know how crazy that cracker jack site is though, right? Right?

Big money, technology, and space. Politics for the poor? Not by a long shot. Manipulating the poor? Definitely. In the meantime, we as humanity must watch the war of the tech giants. They are the few and we are the many. One world. One planet. We can’t move onward if we don’t know how to work together. What is the real urgency to colonize space? Shouldn’t the urgency rest with fixing this planet? You better get in with whatever side has your best interest, which leaves many wondering who has the planet’s best interest?

The stakes are huge. The Space game is nothing new. However, it was not a privatized industry for America until September 2015. Things can get messy when great programs are privatized. Records are lost, accountability is written down on a wet napkin left at a restaurant, and transparency is suing you in court and then settling on a deal later.

When I consider that just over 60 million people in America voted for a racist, misogynist, homophobic, elitist, and nativist platform that propelled a demigod with nefarious talking points to the presidency, well, it really makes a person wonder about the future. What say you, Hawking?

Oh! Just for the record, for those of us who are unaware, Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean other lives don’t.  It’s a statement that is simply asking that the black community also achieve the justices they deserve. ALL OF US DESERVE JUSTICE. All lives matter, which is why Black Lives Matter. United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for

Which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty

And justice for all.

For the record, STEAM originally wanted a fellow writer to cover Zuckerberg for the June 2016 cover. However, the writer was soon removed from the article, and someone else developed another piece void of mentioning the Amos-6 satellite that was on track for launch during the time of Zuckerberg’s interview with STEAM. Pretty coincidental, I think.  It’s really just big business politics.

Gentle reader, you better get in with whatever side has your best interest. Education is never wasted. However, the public can watch money burn as private space companies play games with government contracts. Thank the universe there are big businesses that care for more things than acquiring complete power and domination. Will those benevolent gatekeepers of this planet please step up?

Keep your eyes on the prize, humanity. The path is winding and full of pot holes. Watch where you step and watch what you read. Verify everything, multiple times from multiple sources. Remember: Separate primary sources from secondary sources, and then separate these sources from propaganda, to help bring us closer to the truth. Keep at it, humanity. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open.

By the way, the headline got your attention, right?

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